Recreational EnhancementsRecreational Enhancements

MRES added new recreational facilities so that area residents and visitors will have additional opportunities to enjoy the Red Rock area during and after the construction of the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project.

“We know that the Red Rock area is very popular for fishing, camping and other water activities,” said MRES Vice President of Member Services and Communications Joni Livingston. “We added these new recreation facilities to lessen the impact that we will have on the recreation activities during the construction of the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project.”

The following is a list, by location, of features that have been added.

  • In the South Tailwater Area, MRES enhanced existing features with a picnic shelter and group grill, new playground with play features, a fish-cleaning station with shelter, and additional parking spaces.
  • MRES constructed the new Robert’s Creek Trailhead which includes a restroom, picnic shelter with group grill, parking lot, and a kiosk for posting information.
  • In Cordova Park, MRES added a large picnic shelter to existing features. This area will be closed to the public until Marion County finishes work in the area.
  • MRES also expanded the Volksweg Bike Trail 1.25 miles from the Fifield Recreation Area to the new Robert’s Creek Trailhead.
  • In addition, MRES has purchased two water fountains and two additional group grills that will be installed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Marion County at a later date at sites they select.